How do we relate to our urban environment? Smart city or smart citizen? Mega cities and floating cities, what living and housing models for tomorrow?


3D printing, Google burger, urban agriculture, eatable packaging, insect and algae food? What are the emerging models for tomorrows food?


What are the impacts of climate change on our response to natural disasters? What are the resilient models of architecture and design to face a new environmental reality?

Digital Provide

What are the impacts of mobile money and innovation systems on local economies in the Global South?


What behaviours, usages, what models of mobility for tomorrow? Movement of people and goods, what future for swarm logistics? What if tomorrow's mobility wasn't invented in the Silicon Valley?


Blurring boundaries between soldiers, civilian and mercenaries, a growing urban context, constant rapid global deployments, super flexible structures, what models for the future?


Cryptocurrencies, open-source objects, robots, houses or high speed train, home DIY 3D-printing what if the future of production was in collaboration and sharing?


What design practice in a growing context of complex ecosystems? Bio-hacking, wearable computing, collaborative and agile approaches, what is design tomorrow?


Body augmentations and prosthetics, brain-machine interface, bodily hacks and re-printing, design babies and transhumansit mythology, what is a body tomorrow?


Hello World!

Consultancy specialized in foresight and innovation strategy, Binary Cargo helps organizations develop their innovation capabilities by becoming more agile and resilient.

Taylor-made strategic support

Binary Cargo’s approach is based on 20 years of experience, a deep empathy and integrating your organizational culture.

Think global, act nodal

Led by Pascal Wicht, Binary Cargo allows you to access a network of experts, consultants and professionals.

Agility and resilience

Binary Cargo’s approach allows you to absorb uncertainty by becoming more agile and resilient.


We live a time of deep change. A more polycentric world, global conversations, boundaries between producers and consumers but also blur between the physical and the digital, horizontal reputation systems, a growing disintermediation and also the rapid fall of entry barriers. Many factors affecting the way to think an innovation strategy.


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